Our Story

This story begins years ago in Naples, Italy.

We found a rekindled sense of life where artisan studios nestle beneath the terra cotta rooftops, and the Old World meets the New in a way that stirs the imagination like the endless tides of the Mediterranean.

We’re excited to now introduce our first collection.

Inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1920’s and the bold strength of modern typographic design, the Lettere Collection evokes the mystery, glamour and adventurous soul of a timeless era when all things felt possible.

This collection is a story waiting to be finished. Letters can mean many things — names, ideas, friends, memories. They are direct, but also speak to a sense of something wonderful and elusive that waits for you just beyond the horizon.

A new way of being. New travels and new experiences. Art, love, heartache, life and everything that happens in between. The story is yours to discover. Or to create.

The Lettere Collection is a celebration of the rich landscapes of lives being well lived, and the creative spirit that shapes them: hand crafted icons for classic individual expression.

A celebration of who you are... and who you are becoming.